How to Make Beautiful Wall Hanging With Jute Bag & Rope

DIY – Lets see this beautiful Best out of waste Jute Craft Wall Hanging that can make your house look Royal! Yes, this ethnic looking room décor craft is made using Jute rope and waste cardboard. This Recycled craft idea is very unique and it looks stunning. Since the raw material required to make this craft is very cheap, it is a very economic and cost effective home decoration item.

How to make a Beautiful and Stylish pen stand with Art Paper

Hey guys this video is for everyone i show this video Amazing Paper Craft Want to try ? You need some color paper . Do you know How to Make Pen Stand | Paper PENCIL Holder | Beautiful and Stylish Pen Stand With Simple paper life hacks … it’s really amazing Craft ideas .and this is the best Pen Stand with color paper . and it’s Simple Pen Stand . its an easy and mess free art project with out glue. just color paper Craft compilation. Anyone can do this experiments with color paper also your kids can make it easily.

Pen stand